Opaali Messaging and Payment APIs (FI)

Opaali Portal is a graphical user interface for Telia Operator Service Platform and it provides access to Messaging and Payment APIs. Use these APIs to build prototype applications or extensions to existing apps that include powerful mobile communications and monetization features.

Enrich any application or service with communications, context and commercialization capabilities from the mobile network—whether it runs on the web, enterprise server, cloud, desktop, or mobile device.

Let’s check out a few ways Telia can help you create or enhance applications:

  • Charge an end user’s monthly mobile bill directly for your app using the Payment API.
  • Enable bulk SMS feature as part of your business process
  • Put query-response features on use in your daily business
  • Observe your application use rates and revenue by utilizing versatile reporting features provided by the Opaali portal.

Opaali Portal includes sample applications, documentation, and sandbox access to APIs for prototyping and testing.