Fi Mobile subscription API


Mobile subscription service can be used to manage your mobile subscriptions. You can List Subscription, Get Subscription, Update Subscription information, deactivate, reactivate and terminate subscriptions.


  • Resources are protected using oauth2
  • To start using APIs, consumer should authenticate, retrieve bearer token and include it in subsequent requests
  • For More Authentication Information, Please Click Authorize Button, It's next to servers url.

Usage scenarios

Get subscription by MSISDN:

  • Query Subscription based on MSISDN - GET /subscriptions/{msisdn}
  • Query Customer Subscription based on MSISDN - GET /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions/{msisdn}

List subscriptions:

  • List Subscriptions - GET /subscriptions
  • List Customer Subscriptions - GET /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions

Update subscription:

  • Update Subscription Information based on MSISDN - PATCH /subscriptions/{msisdn}
  • Update Customer Subscription Information based on MSISDN - PATCH /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions/{msisdn}

Reactivate subscriptions:

  • Reactivate Subscriptions - POST /subscriptions/{msisdn}/activate
  • Reactivate Customer Subscriptions - POST /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions/{msisdn}/activate

Deactivate subscriptions:

  • Deactivate Subscriptions - POST /subscriptions/{msisdn}/deactivate
  • Deactivate Customer Subscriptions - POST /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions/{msisdn}/deactivate

Terminate subscriptions:

  • Terminate Subscriptions - POST /subscriptions/{msisdn}/terminate
  • Terminate Customer Subscriptions - POST /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptions/{msisdn}/terminate

List SubscriptionTypeNames

  • List customer SubscriptionTypeNames - GET /customers/{customerCode}/subscriptionTypeNames