Telia Zone


Premium Zone is an open API for building services that trigger based on who is connected to a Telia Wifi. Find out more at\


Your apps need to authenticate with the API using an app-specific API key or, in some cases, app ID.

Obtaining an API key

Sign up and create an app for your project. Each app is given its own API key and app ID.

Using an API Key

Append your API key as a query parameter called apikey for each request to API endpoints. API keys never expire. ?apikey={your-api-key}

Using an app ID

Append your app ID as a query parameter called appId. This is only required for authorize flow. ?appId={your-app-id}

Your app and its clients

To ensure the privacy of everyone connected to a Premium Zone, your app can only access data related to clients that are registered to your app. Likewise, your app can only access zone specific data for the zone it is registered to. For example, your app can only receive events (webhooks) triggered by a client that is registered to your app. Likewise, a client will only be visible in the list of connected clients in a zone if it is registered to your app. When registering a client to your app, you provide your own token. This token is the only identifiable client data that will be exposed to your app.

API endpoints

Note that all HTTP POST endpoints expect parameters in JSON format in the request body, along with a Content-Type: application/json header.

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