Mobile Subscription Management (FI)

Telia Mobile Subscription Management APIs

Would you like to use your own familiar environment, tools and systems to interact with us?

Would you like to be able to order new Telia mobile services and manage current ones without having to sign in to various portals and applications?


Telia Mobile Subscription APIs provide Telia services and customer portal functionalities to external systems. You can use your internal systems for executing tasks you would otherwise do in the Telia Customer Online.

Agility in integrations

Say goodbye to lengthy and costly integration projects!

Instead of several months of end-to-end system integration projects, we can now connect with short onboarding formalities.

With Telia API your company’s modern tools can be seamlessly connected to Telia services.

APIs break down internal information silos and unlock data for the benefit of both our internal operations and for our customers.


FI Mobile Subscription Management APIs enable the following use cases:

  • Open a new subscription (with a delivered new SIM-card, or new subscription opened on an empty SIM card in customer’s possession)
  • Close / Suspend a Subscription ( Subscription is deactivated, but remains an asset to be reactivated again)
  • Subscription Activation (reactivating a deactivated Subscription) 
  • Subsrciption Termination
  • Customer can choose a free number for a new subscription, if they don’t want to use automatic free number allocation.  
  • Customer can read a catalog of their customer specific subscription services, that they can order for a new subs, or-either change for an existing subscription.
  • Customer can read all their active subscriptions, including subscription data with user info PUK-codes, etc.
  • Customer can edit and change the subscription user information, including cost center, additional info, collection group, user info.
  • Subscription membership in Telia’s mobile value-added services  VIP, CID and Privatel.

All FI Mobile management APIs on one page

Client Access Token Generator API

This is Swagger specification for Telia Company OAuth2 Token Generator API, which you can use to get OAuth2 access token for your API.

Mobile subscription order service

With mobile subscription order API you can get list of value added service (VAS) offers applicable for your mobile subscription, add/modify/remove value added services (VAS) of a mobile service. Get available package change offers applicable for your mobile subscription, order package change for a mobile subscription. Get available subscription offers and open a new mobile subscription.

Numberpool API

Service for allocating phone numbers either in Sokudo pool or in NAK pool

Fi Mobile subscription API

This API can be used to manage your mobile subscriptions. You can update subscription information, deactivate, reactivate and terminate subscriptions here.

Fi Mobile VAS products management API

This API can be used to manage your Mobile subscription additional value added services. You can get list of VAS product offers applicable for your subscription. Get list of active VAS product offers. Add, modify or remove VAS products

FI Mobile subscription balance API

This API provides information about mobile subscription usage and current balance.

Mobile Billing Account API Finland

Mobile Billing Account API Finland can be used to manage your mobile subscriptions billing info.